How To Appeal To Millennial Workers

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Construction is on the up. It is one industry which is expanding faster than it can find workers for. And this is good and bad news, for a number of reasons.

Certainly, for prospective employees, there has never been a better time to work in construction. Yet it seems that the younger generation are in need of some persuasion in the matter!

In 2015, 20.7% of all construction workers were aged over fifty five years and only 7.3% were in the twenty to twenty four years bracket.

Worse still, over the next decade it is likely that one fifth of the current workforce is set to retire.

And on top of this, the number of construction jobs are set to rise.

In the July of 2016 there were 214000 jobs on offer in the business. There will be an additional 790400 by 2024, it has been estimated.

This all adds up to an imminent crisis of recruitment. So what is the best way for your firm to attract younger workers?


There is no denying that construction has a reputation for being dangerous and there is no denying that there is an element of danger involved.

However, it is becoming safer all the time and as a respectable employer or firm, you should begin by demonstrating your safety record.

Laws regarding health and safety in the construction industry are now stronger than ever and this is something that you need to communicate to younger workers.

Millennials are especially concerned by things such as safety and only by showcasing your businesses excellent record will you be able to attract newer, younger workers.


Younger workers will be particularly keen to be given the opportunity to train and develop their talents further.

As they are likely to be more educated than previous generations, they may have a number of other career paths open to them.

In order to compete with other, seemingly more lucrative careers, your firm needs to offer meaningful training opportunities.


You also need to let potential recruits know that there is the possibility of rising through the ranks and progressing within your company.

Many millennials are under the misapprehension that construction is a dead end job. You need to prove to your potential new recruits that this is far from being the case.


Wages in the construction industry have started to rise and this is something that needs to be shown to potential candidates.

Many millennials may not realize that they can make a good salary in the construction business and so this is something that should be highlighted as much as possible.

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